Monday, January 23, 2017

             I feel like television has a little of both positive and negative impact on society. The positive impact it has on the society is that it can keep you posted on the latest weather statement or let you know that something or someone is threat to your community and that the police is looking for them and you should call the police if you see the suspect. The negative impact from television on the society is all the cartoons for kids that have profanity in it and what they actually show in those type of cartoons for example a cartoon that children shouldn't be watching is "Family Guy" there is way to much profanity in that cartoon for children to be watching. In the first paragraph after this you will be reading about how I feel about the positive and negative impact that television has on society.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

1. If you ask me I feel that surveys are not called for because it's a reason that your reading something it's no need to see what you think of it in a survey so I think that surveys are not reliable.

2. The biggest struggle for me is me explaining to you about what i went through with my family.

3.  The commercial had celebrity appeal and Tone of voice.

Monday, December 5, 2016

1. It is important because you want to prove your point without being wrong with the person your arguing with.

2. To see what there capable of and what they advertise in a commercial so that you can advertise something better so people can buy what your advertising.

3. Ms. Vandop because i'm trying to pursued her to pick which advertising is better.

Monday, November 28, 2016

A. I believe that the perceived value is badge because it's saying that a person sees themselves as elevated through ownership and use of this product and the product is a yacht and a lot of people can't afford a yacht.

B. I would say unique.

C. They would use messaging value because they want it to help the community like a recycling company they want you to use there water bottles because instead of throwing it away you can just recycle the bottles.

Monday, October 17, 2016

1. Romeo and Juliet are a political story because the prince exil him a threaten to kill him if ever came back.

2. Romeo and juliet fit the structure of the tragedy because they both committed suicide

3.When we go to the theatre we go and watch a play and have light but when they go to the theatre they have no light and also can´t dress to act out something and we dress up to act something out and they have no costumes and we do

Monday, October 3, 2016

1.I can infer that kids don't care about anything but there technology they don't even care about there first car they just want to wait till the new technology drops.

2. In the paragraph that says teens make two trips to a restaurant and everyone they make to a gas station.

3. He is worried because this generation doesn't care about the outside or sports anymore they just want the latest technology.

Monday, September 26, 2016

No I don't believe that people have to get violent and destructive because it isn't going to make anything better. I say no because the only that's going to happen at a violent protest is more people dying from police officers and making the community even more mad. Yes I Do think it was right to call national guard because it got out of hand and people were getting to violent. Compared to Martin Luther King Jr. the protest now are lee effective because the people now don't have a significant leader they just go out to destroy their own city. Back then when Martin Luther King Jr. ever did a protest he was the leader and prove his point without anybody being violent like when he did the bus boycott they didn't go to the police trying to fight them they just made their own protest to get their point off and they did so they made their own buses for blacks.

There people in the protest that didn't want to kill and damage things they just wanted to protest and I found that out in the article "Were not Dangerous"  saying that it was originally formed by a group of black professionals saying that they are there to show people that they are not thugs they just want the community to more safe and no more killing The thugs and the educated black people can come together and just protest instead of destroying their city.